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Mosaic FactoryMosaic Factory

Where it all began

Founded in 2002 between Paris and Tangier, our company started out producing handmade cement tiles, which have a long and proud history in the Mediterranean basin. Over the years we have grown rather organically. We started with one factory and now we have five, with a workforce of around 450 across production, sales and logistics.
We have always been led by our customers and at their request, have expanded our offering to include granito, zellige and terrazzo tiles, and most recently, furniture items, all made within our state-of-the-art facilities in Tangier and all completely customisable.

We are digital natives. Our tiles were sold online from the very beginning, even before we opened our first physical showroom in Paris in 2004. Outposts in London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Malaga have followed, but our customers are in all corners of the globe from Toronto to Tokyo.

Custom made

Today our company is distinguished by its ability to offer customers completely customised tiles and furnishing elements. With the help of our user-friendly, online simulator tool and an experienced team of in-house designers, customers have the ability to design and order their own tiles, as well as tables, sinks and worktops at the click of a mouse. This process is made possible by our vertically integrated set-up - we are designers, manufacturers and retailers - which allows us to oversee and tightly control every aspect of the production process while keeping prices competitive.

Our skilled artisans craft each piece by hand using a variety of processes that vary depending on the type of tile or furnishing element. Glass and marble aggregates are carefully selected and arranged, clay and cement are mixed to precise formulas and deftly poured or pressed into custom moulds while glazes are hand painted. Firing, drying and polishing processes are carefully timed and can take up to several days/weeks to complete. Each and every piece is carefully examined one by one to ensure it is of the highest quality before being packed and shipped.

From a three-square-metre splashback for a private client to a 2000-square-metre exhibition space for a global luxury fashion house, we create tens of thousands of bespoke designs each year for our customers. While much of this is done by hand using traditional production processes, where appropriate, we are continuously researching and implementing new technologies that improve our products, lead times, working conditions and environmental impact.


Despite our commercial success, we are not driven by sales figures or a desire to achieve growth. It is our passion for our craft, our heritage and our restless urge to create the best possible product for our customers that keeps us moving forward, slowly and organically. We never stay stagnant, constantly seeking to improve, innovate and inspire. We take care of our team. Many of our craftspeople are from families who have made tiles for generations, and it is of great importance to us to keep their skills alive, ensuring that they are passed on to the next generation. We foster collaborative working environments and we are proud of our clean, spacious and modern factories that enable our teams to produce the best possible product under the best conditions. We source the finest raw materials as locally as possible, including cement, marble powders, mineral aggregates and clay. For quality purposes, glazes are sourced from Spain and Germany. We recycle the water used in manufacturing processes, the heat from our ovens is used to create power and production leftovers are repurposed. In addition, we have partnered with Tree-Nation, so that for every order we receive, a tree is planted.